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 Monel 400

Monel is a group of nickel alloys, basically composed of nickel (up to 67%) and copper, with small amounts of iron, manganese, carbon, and silicon. Stronger than pure nickel, Monel alloys are corrosion resistant by many agents, including continuous flowing seawater. They can be fabricated readily by hot and cold-working, machining, and welding. Although it is much stronger than steel, it can have a problem of surface discoloration, which occurs when exposed to different weather conditions. In terms of properties, Monel is a single based alloy. As compared to steel, Monel is very difficult to fabricate or develop because it hardens while processing very quickly. Naturally, it is quite resistant to corrosion and acids, and few types of alloys can withstand fire and heat in pure O2 to a certain limit. If small content of aluminium and titanium are added to the alloy, it increased its toughness and strength due to gamma prime formation and ageing.

Butt Weld Fitting

A pipe fitting defined as a part used in a piping system, for changing direction, branching or for change of pipe diameter, and which is mechanically joined to the system. There are many different types of fittings and they are the same in all sizes and schedules as the pipe. Buttweld (BW) fittings whose dimensions, dimensional tolerances et cetera are defined in the ASME B16.9 standards. Light-weight corrosion resistant fittings are made to MSS SP43.

BEVELLED ENDS: The ends of all buttweld fittings are bevelled, exceeding wall thickness 4 mm for austenitic stainless steel, or 5 mm for ferritic stainless steel. The shape of the bevel depending upon the actual wall thickness. This beveled ends are needed to be able to make a “Butt weld”.

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Monel 400 Butt Weld Fitting

Monel 400 Butt Weld Fitting show extreme strength and excellent corrosion resistance in a high range of acidic and alkaline environments and it is especially suitable for reducing conditions. It also has great ductility and thermal conductivity. Monel 400 Butt Weld Fitting usually find applications in marine engineering, chemical and hydro-carbon processing, heat exchangers, valves and pumps. It is covered by the following standards: BS 3075, 3076 NA 13, DTD 204B and ASTM B164. Generally, Monel Butt Weld Fitting manufacturers has excellent mechanical properties for cryogenic temperatures but the strength increases at the loss of ductility and hit resistance. But it does not go through the transformation of ductile-to-brittle product when cooled or heated to high/low extreme temperatures.

Features of the Monel 400 Butt Weld Fitting

Corrosion resistant Butt Weld Fitting along with high tensile strength of 700 N/mm2, abrasion resistance. Along with a spectacular dimensional accuracy of the Butt Weld Fitting and having had matchless performance backed up by our experience, these Monel 400 Butt Weld Fitting have also known to be consistently strong. There are no misaligned pipes. The Butt Weld Fitting produced meet ASTM standards. No cutting of forms.

  • Heavy Gage Steel. It is self-aligning.
  • Quick Installation. It is way more durable.
  • Self-Levelling.
  • No Concrete Cracking.
  • Accurate tube fitting for process control cum instrumentation.
  • Butt Weld Fitting has male NPT at both ends.
  • Threading is done in a proper way so that it can ensure full proof leak free & reliable systems.
  • A variety of connections & configurations are available. Plastic caps are used to protect male threads. They have supreme tensile strength and brilliant performance & serve with best grade materials.


  • Material under ASTM A-479 & ASTM A-182.
  • Tubing material is 316SS annealed seamless tubing ASTM A-213 or equivalent.
  • Fittings have high vacuum capabilities & working pressures (PSI).
  • Reliable and safe performance from cryogenic temperatures to 380 degrees C.

We produce large volume at crest in a 3 shift plan, which means, we used to target 1.3 million assembled units on per month basis. We have in house testing provision e.g. Hardness Test, PMI Machine, Ultrasonic Testing, Mechanical test, spectro-machine, Hydrostatic Testing, manual inspection of gauge and Pressure testing. Our production varies from snubber, condensate pots, manifolds, instrumentation valves and custom designed valves. Tube Fittings Manufacturers can be fabricated in threads like NPT, BSPT & BSPP. Monel 400 304 Butt Weld Fitting are in need from various industries like Food processing, Beverages, Chemicals, Submersible pumps, Electric furnace, Pharmaceutical machinery, Construction and fabrication. This specification covers the requirements for Monel 400 Butt Weld Fitting, Pipe cap screws, and studs 0.25 to 1.50 in., inclusive, in nominal diameter in a number of alloys in common use and intended for service applications requiring general corrosion resistance.

Aerospace applications:

In the 1960s, Monel metal found huge amounts of usage in aircraft construction, especially in making the frames and skins of experimental rocket planes, like the North American X-15, to withstand the high amount of heat generated by aerodynamic friction during extremely high speed flight. Monel metal retains its strength at very high temperatures, allowing it to maintain its shape at high atmospheric flight speeds, a trade off against the increased weight of the parts due to Monel’s high density. Monel is used for safety wiring in the aircraft maintenance to make sure that fasteners cannot come undone, generally in high-temperature areas.

Oil production and refining:

It is used in the section of Alkylation units in direct contact with concentrated hydrofluoric acid. Indeed, Monel generates exceptional resistance to hydrofluoric acid in all concentrations up to the boiling point. It is perhaps the most resistant of all commonly used engineering alloys. The alloy is also resistant to many forms of sulfuric and hydrochloric acids under reducing conditions. The good resistance against corrosion by acids and oxygen makes Monel a good material in the chemical industry. Even the corrosive fluorides can be handled within Monel apparatus; this was done in an extensive way in the enrichment of uranium in the Oak Ridge Gaseous Diffusion Plant. Here most of the larger diameter tubing for the uranium hexafluoride is made from Monel. The regulators for various reactive cylinder gases like hydrogen chloride form another example, where PTFE is not a suitable option when high delivery pressures are required. These will many a time include a Monel manifold and taps before the regulator is allowed to regulate to be flushed with a dry, inert gas after use to further protect the equipment. Large use of Monel 400 is made in the alkylation units, namely in the reacting section in contact with concentrated hydrofluoric acid. It has various marine application along with industrial relevant applications in the market today.

Monel is without a doubt stronger than steel and because of it properties of malleability it does not break and crack on intense impacts from outside forces. It is unbelievably corrosion resistant. Has a very high resistance to Alkali metals. Increased sanitation. Any Monel alloy can be easily welded, brazed or soldered with respect to our clients’ precise requirements. Also being conveniently available in plates, rod and bar, tubing and more than rarely in castings. We also provide sheets for other applications such with reference to framework and architecture.

We offer top notch experience in terms of buying and payment accessibility along with being known to have quickest delivery rapport. We also provide test report guided for quality checks having high pressure sustainability during transport and product replacement warranty. Duplex Supply Inc perform the utmost required procedures for your guaranteed satisfaction with intense care and detailed efforts for your product. Highly responsive and logistically unique, Duplex Supply Inc offer you the exact and fastest delivery created specifically by our value addition team.

We also provide best quality packing and premium package services offered with legit processing. We at Duplex Supply Inc have a state of the art mill facilities. Highest priority is given to our dealers regarding cost factor and delivery issues around the world. Having no minimum order quantity, we believe in being flexible for the subjective needs of our customers. At Om tubes and fitting’s we have stringent quality testing and control of the product, thoroughly inspected for form, fit and function for your usage functionality. We make sure the product is delivered on time and through a secure logistical process since we value your time requirement constraints which is our primary goal that is utmost customer satisfaction.

Dealing with Duplex Supply Inc gives you the security and peace of mind for the quality of your ordered materials and products since we have been backed by various renowned agencies and Chambers of Commerce including MASSMA, EEPC, FICCI, FIEO, Indian Merchants Chamber etc. We give a one-year product replacement warranty for all the Butt Weld Fittings exported from our company. We guarantee the quality since it is 100% manufactured and are checked in house for defects in quality and workmanship. Our quality program is a 3 layered independent department check for many factors including Dimensional Check, Visual Inspection, and Finishing, Burr level, Leakage Test, Pressure Rating test, Chemical inspection and Mechanical properties verification. We are running at full capacities and sometimes outsource our job due to increased work load.