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Pipe fittings: Pipe fittings are the work of piping system which transfers gases, liquids and sometimes solid materials. There are two ways of fixing pipe fittings i.e. by slip fit or by threads. This work consists of preparing and selecting pipe by various methods they are joined to each other. Plastic Pipe fittings are threaded or slip fit whereas metal pipes are threaded. Slip fit pipes use the sleeves to slip into one another.

At Duplex Supply Inc. we present you with different types of Pipe Fittings:

  • Coupling: Coupling is useful for broken or leakage occurring pipes. There are two types of coupling for pipe fittings Slip Coupling and Compression Coupling. Pipes of Identical diameter are connected by coupling.
    • Slip Coupling: Long Length damaged pipes are fixed by slip coupling. Slip Coupling Contains two pipes which are arranged one into another and inner pipe can slide up to little length. Slip Coupling is easier to install.
    • Compression Coupling: This coupling is connected between the two pipes and prevents leakage by arrangement of gaskets on both sides and is a regular type of coupling.
  • Union: Union functions similar to coupling but after fixing coupling cannot be removed but union can be removed whenever required. Union includes male and female ended threads and nuts which is very useful for maintaining pipe.
  • Plug: Plug has male threads. Plug is component of plumbing component used to close pipe opening.
  • Cap: There are many similarity between plug and cap but there is only single difference between them that cap contains female threads whereas plug contains male threads. At Duplex Supply Inc. we make availability of cap in different materials.
  • Reducer: There are two types of reducers. Concentric reducer & Eccentric Reducer. Concentric reducer gradually decreases around the pipes due to which air gets accumulated and causes cavitation, concentric reducer is cone shaped. Eccentric reducer has one edge parallel to connecting pipe because of which air accumulation is not possible. Reducer pipe fitting decreases flow size.
  • Olet: Olets are available in various types. When inlet pipe size is bigger to outlet pipes in t-sections then olets are used. Various types of olets are as follows:
    • Sweep Olet
    • Elbow Olet
    • Socket-weld Olet
    • Butt-Weld Olet
    • Flanged Olet
    • Lateral Olet
    • Nipple Olet
  • Cross Type: More amount of stress is generated on the pipe due to these fittings when the temperature changes because they are in the center of 4 connection points. There are 4 openings in 4 directions in Cross type fittings. These are mainly used in fire sprinkler systems.
  • Elbow: Oversight of flow between two pipes is changed by using Elbow fitting. Elbows are available with different angles of 22.5o, 45o and 90o Elbows or reducer elbows are used if the pipes are of the same breadth. These elbows are available in a variety of materials.
  • Tee type: This consists of one inlet and two outlets, to the mainline outlets are arranged at 90 degrees. It is called equal tee when 3 sides of T-fitting is similar, if it’s not so, then it is known as unequal tee. A Constituent of plumbing system which is in T-shape is known as tee type fitting.
  • Adaptors: Copper and PVC pipes require these adapters. Pipe fittings have plain ends due to which adaptors are used to make them either male threaded or female threaded whichever is required. One end of the adaptor is soldered or glued to plain pipe end.

Pipe fittings are used in various Industries like:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Road Construction
  • Irrigation
  • Residential
  • Marine & Dredging
  • Power
  • Process Instrumentation
  • Semiconductor
  • Ventilation
  • Sanitation
  • Food, Beverage and dairy
Pipe Fittings
Duplex Supply Inc. is leading manufacturer of Pipe-Fittings products with different materials like 254 SMO, Duplex, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel.

Connection type of pipe fittings:

Number of dissimilar connection methods are used to attach fittings to pipes, each of them has their own uses.

  1. Flange Fittings: Flange Fittings are edged with perpendicular flush areas attached to the pipe. These areas are sealed using bolts, clamps, welding or threading.
  2. End fittings: Particular areas for connecting pipes are joined by End Fittings.
    • Clamp ends: these are the fittings which are clamped to the connection by conceding pipes.
    • Plain ends: these are the fittings are conjoined by soldering or various means.
  1. Compression Fittings: These fittings connect pipes using a gasket, ferrule or rings. Nuts are bind into fitting over the ferrule. Tools are not required to make them convenient for simple and faster installation. To consolidate fittings with sharp ferrule which bites the compressed pipes and are also known as Bite-type fittings. They don’t require specific tools to assemble, but also provides higher pressure connections. Compression Fittings are further substituted in Mechanical grip fittings and Flare Fittings.
    • Mechanical Fittings: Two ferrule congregation fittings are known as mechanical grip fittings. Piping are gripped by the back ferrule while they are being pressed against by front ferrule. A seal is created between piping and fitting body.
    • Flare Fittings: Body with a flared or coned end are contained by flare fittings. To install the pipe inside the flared end distinctive flaring tools are used. Wide range of operating parameters and higher pressure can also be handled by Flare fittings.
  1. Threaded Fittings: Screw threads are inside the threaded fitting on their inner and outer surface design to make piping acceptable with matching threads. By adding coating or seal tape Seal reliability can be improved. Tapered threads provide a tight seal for liquids and gases under pressure.
  2. Soldered Fittings: Sweating is the term sometimes used for description of Soldering pipes. Soldered fittings are very smooth which can easily slip into the end of the tubing section. Using a torch the joints are heated and further it is melted into connection. There are situations where many connections have to be made at once, for example: while plumbing for a new building. A Very strong bond is formed once when the solder cools down, which long-lasts for decades. This is one of the less expensive and much quicker.
  3. Crimped or Pressed Fittings: Special copper fittings are used which permanently are fixed to tough copper are tubed with powdered crimp. The Sealant is already inside sliding over the tubing connected with special fittings. To deform the fitting and compress the sealant against inner tubing thousands of pounds- force per square inch of pressure is used.

At Duplex Supply Inc. we make sure that our clients are highly satisfied with our service and products and we also welcome all their complaints and feedback we make sure that our clients have a happy time in buying with us. We also provide Quality Assuring certifications to our clients so that they are never worried in matters of our Products Quality. We never make our clients buying felt Unworthy at duplex supply.