Duplex Supply Inc. are the Ace suppliers of Hastelloy c22 Pipe Fittings over the past decapod. We are one of the prime and arch brands in steel industry. Duplex Supply Inc. specializes in deviated forms of duplex, super alloys, stainless in form of tube, pipe4, plate, flanges, sheets, valves etc. Hastelloy c22 Pipe Fittings are made using premium and superior quality materials by Duplex Supply Inc., Duplex Supply Inc. are the most accomplished and dynamite makers of nickel based alloys. Hastelloy c22 pipe fittings is one of the highest selling product of Duplex Supply Inc. We go with the saying “Customer is king” thus we make our Clients buying feel worthy and remarkable. We present customers in various countries for all size demand. The main Ambition of the firm is to provide commodities of matchless Quality because we strongly believe in Consumer Satisfaction. In Today’s Market industries have become very low quality suppliers which creates Shallow in whatSteel Industry needs.

Duplex Supply Inc. strongly has characteristic Quality control over all our products and our esoteric work quality and product quality makes us one of the top manufacturers in Industry. We provide Best Quality Hastelloy c22 Pipe Fittings. Quality is our peak concern. We sustain high Quality Standards through our Committed Personnel and Sound Infrastructure. Not even a single fitting is left without a 3 layer inspection of chemical test, mechanical test, visual inspection, dimension inspection, pressure test, gauge test and conformity to the order.

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