254 SMO is a very high end non-magnetic austenitic stainless steel. 254 SMO Pipes are incorporated with a combination of high strength as well as impact toughness resistance to chloride stress corrosion cracking and pitting. 254 SMO Pipes manufactured at Duplex Supply Inc. also have higher resistance to abrasion, erosion and cavitation erosion than that of 304 and 316 stainless steel pipes. 254 SMO Pipes have excellent corrosion resistance in seawater and concentrated halide environments containing ions such as Chloride, bromide and fluoride solutions. Along with this 254 SMO Pipes also have terrific ductility and impact strength at both ambient and sub-zero temperatures. At Duplex Supply Inc. our 254 SMO Pipes manufactured are sometimes used as a more cost effective substitute for high nickel and titanium pipes.

Duplex Supply Inc. are the country’s finest manufacturers and worldwide suppliers of 254 SMO Pipes. Our manufacturing is compliant with ATSM, ASME, ANSI & DIN standards. At Duplex Supply Inc. our attention to detail is what drives us to manufacture better products. All our 254 SMO Pipes go through stringent in house checks to make sure we only produce the highest quality goods. Our high quality fast paced instant delivery has virtually no competition in the industry. At Duplex Supply Inc. our fast paced delivery comes with equally high quality packaging and packing of our products. We also render to any special requirements that you as a consumer may have regarding the 254 SMO Pipes.

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