Monel 400 is a nickel – copper alloy. It contains (65-70%) nickel, (20-29%) copper and it also contains (5%) iron and manganese and other compounds. Monel 400 pipes have very high resistance levels to corrosion as well as to different types of acids. Another plausible characteristic of Monel 400 pipes is that they have a low coefficient of thermal expansion. Due to its high corrosion resistance levels Monel 400 pipes are widely used in a variety of marine applications. Monel 400 pipes also exhibit good weld-ability and high strength capabilities. Along with its good weld-ability and high strength Monel 400 pipes are also proven to have good mechanical properties from sub-zero temperatures up to 1020 F. A variety of tempers may also be used to increase the strength of Monel 400 pipes if needed.

Duplex Supply Inc. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of Monel 400 pipes. Our high experience in working with nickel based alloys makes us one of the most established and endorsed manufactures of Monel 400 pipes. We at Duplex Supply Inc. offer Monel 400 pipes for the purpose of carrying fluids with more ease and safety.

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