Duplex Supply Inc. is Established Industry serving metal needs and alloy product wants of Clients since 1998. Our Company is nationally as well as globally well recognized. We are backed by ISO certifications. Our Fast delivery and perfect pricing, leads us in Good books of our clients and ranks as high in Metal industry. Our proficiency in this occupation has made our roots stronger and earned the trust of our clients for us. All our tube fittings are Investigated and approved before its dispatching.

Tube Fittings:

Tube fittings connect to various runs of tubing sections or components of tubing for configurations.  Specially formed connections and joints are connected with typically configured systems of Straight sections. Tube fittings are designed to transfer substances from straight sections to joints through connectors.

Various Grades of tube fittings are:

There are various types of Compression fittings:

  1. Tube to Union connection
  2. Tube to Male connection
  3. Tube to Female connection
  4. Instrumentation fittings
  5. Accessories

Which further have sub types such as:

  • Male Connector
  • Female Connector
  • Union
  • Union Tee
  • Union Elbow
  • Bulkhead Union
  • Male Branch tee
  • Male Run tee
  • Street Tee
  • Hex Nipple
  • Hex Coupling
  • Street Elbow
  • Tube Cap
  • Blanking End
  • Blanking Plug
  • Nuts
  • Front Ferrule
  • Back Ferrule
  • Reducing Hex Coupling
  • Reducing Hex plug
Duplex Supply Inc. is established Industry serving tube fittings product to various countries in various materials
Duplex Supply Inc. is established Industry serving tube fittings product to various countries in various materials
Duplex Supply Inc. is ace manufacture of Tube Fittings product in different materials
Duplex Supply Inc. is ace manufacture of Tube Fittings product in different materials

At Duplex Supply Inc. we keep the availability of all the above mentioned range of fittings.

There are various functions of tube fittings based on their types, various types of functions are as follows:

  • Adapter: Two different tubes are connected through soldering and threading.
  • Coupling: Two same tubes are connected through threading and soldering.
  • Sleeve: Mechanical fasteners are used to connect two tubes to each other.
  • Union: This allows easy release through their connections these also can be disconnected without cutting.
  • Plug: Female end is attached via threaded or welded connection and closes of the end of the tube.
  • Cap: End of the tube is covered.
  • Tee: Three pieces of tubing is connected in t shape intersection this also allows fluid to flow.
  • Cross: This consists of 4 way connections providing 3 inlets and one outlet.
  • Elbow: Direction of tubing is changed to various angles, 90 degree and 45 degree are the most common angles.
  • Olet: Branched connections are attached to Reduction Fitting when adequate reducing tees are not available.
  • Reducer: All connections are included which connects two or more tubes of various sizes.
  • Valve: With the attachment of the valve for the control of flow tubes is connected together.
  • Nipple: Each end of separate fitting is allowed to be connected. With male threads on both ends, Standard nipples are straight.

Production process of Tube Fittings:

Tube fittings are the most often used products because of its efficiency. Tube fittings are majorly founded metal product in almost each industry because of its major use. Production process of tube fittings is branched in 3 steps:

  1. Body: Body is made from a Hex or round bar as per their design standard, Depending on customers requirement the body is machined.
  2. Nuts: By machining of Hex bar as per the standardized size nuts are made by very simple process.
  3. Ferrule: Ferrule is the soul of tube fittings. We come up with various constructive methods that keep our ferrule different and best when compared with other manufacturer’s product.

Our production team and workers work very hard so that our company products be the best and consumer satisfaction and trust factor also increases in us and our products. At Duplex Supply Inc. we keep our product quality so high and pure so that our customers do not face any complaints regarding the product and are delighted doing purchasing from us. Depending on the type of gas and fluid these fittings are available with various types of materials with us. We make sure that our client’s needs are precisely fulfilled.

Thus the availability of various materials at Duplex Supply Inc. is as follows:

  1. Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is an alloy with excellent corrosion resistance perfect for usage of aggressive fluid application usage industry.
  2. Inconel: Inconel is a super alloy with very high resistance to oxidation and cracking which is very suitable for rigorous uses in industries.
  3. Monel: Highly resistant to many harmful agents, perfect fit for passage of high acidic fluids.
  4. Hastelloy: Hastelloy Alloy is highly stable material which is very effective for use in high pressure and also perfect for rigorous use.
  5. Duplex: Duplex Stainless Steel is twice stronger than the normal regular steel and also effective for using in corrosive environment as it is highly strong.
  6. Super Duplex: Super Duplex provides excellent resistance to acids containing chloride, thus it is used in corrosive environment.
  7. 254 SMO: 254 SMO is high austenitic very tough and highly resistant for corrosion cracking.
  8. Brass: Brass is a substitution-al alloy, suitable for hydraulic applications.

Usage of tube fittings is decided by which type of temperature and how much amount of pressure does it has to go from. Then, according to that suitable material is decided on which the tube fitting will be used. All the metal tube fittings are used in metal tubes typically. Fittings used for Hydraulic tubing of high pressure applications are either separable or permanent. Threaded fittings are the most separable fittings.

Threaded Flare fittings: Flared end of the tubing against the mating surface of the tubing is pressed by the threaded flare fittings. Conical seal is formed when the fitting pieces are drawn up tight. Various types of flare fittings are available. Unequal distribution of compression on the flare is produced due to friction between the nut and flare. Before a bend can start full length tubing of long necked nut is required.

Inverted Flare Fittings: Primary use of Inverted flare fittings is in automotive applications. Inside of the fitting body inverted flare fittings consists 42° flare.

O Ring Face seal: Against a flat face, O-ring is compressed presenting a leak free seal. Ensuring the proper installation near-instantaneous torque rise is provided when the connection is tight. Less rotation is required to seal properly, which makes them suitable for plumbing in tight spaces. With the sealed fluid O-ring materials are compatible.

Threaded self-flaring fittings: High torque is not required to produce a flare. Special wedge-shaped sleeve presses against tubing end to create a flare during nut tightening. Thin walled tubing is the best worked by this fitting. These fittings are vibration resistant and mechanically strong.

Permanent fittings: Aerospace industry developed these fittings with low installation cost, high reliability and light weighted. Permanent fittings may be adhesive bonded or swaged.

Our clients are provided with:

  • Product Catalog
  • Warranty letter
  • Certificate of authenticity of product and material &
  • Certificate of origin.

At Duplex Supply Inc. we hope that our customers are satisfied in purchasing with us and delightfully come back to us for future purchases.