Duplex Supply Inc. are the Ace suppliers of Hastelloy c22 Tubes over the past decade. We are one of the prime and arch brands in steel industry. Duplex Supply Inc. specializes in deviated forms of duplex, super alloys, stainless in form of tube, pipe, plate, flanges, sheets, valves etc. Hastelloy c22 Tubes are made of premium quality materials. Duplex Supply Inc. are the most accomplished and dynamite makers of nickel based alloys. Duplex Supply Inc.  has the experience to understand your most troublesome requirements. We have always kept our Vision clear which serves best in accomplishing our mission. We rectify the changes required in industry with changing time and keep getting Major Control over the quality of our product. With the changing period of time we have always progressed day by day and our product quality has always remain finest. Our product have such impact on our customers that it fetches us new customers as well but the clients who once purchased from us always get back to us for their purchases.

Hastelloy c22 Tubes are often used in applications that require rigid materials for potable water conveyance. Manufacturers select Hastelloy c22 Tubes because certain man-made materials have unwanted or unknown exposure effects while Hastelloy c22 has many desirable qualities for maintaining clean water. Duplex Supply Inc. strongly has characteristic Quality control over all our products and our esoteric work quality and product quality makes us one of the top manufacturers in Industry.

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